Shattered Star Adventure Path

Stakeout at the Puffy Pelican

Wherein our adventurers wait for slavers in the dark

Session the Fourth

July 3, 2017 was the Monday of the Canada Day long weekend. It was also the second weekend after high school got out and both my son (Darvo's player) and his friend Riley (Zaz's player) had just graduated so I kept hounding my son to make sure Riley didn't forget about it. However, I didn't bother to remind my very reliable friend Richard (Tapuaki's player) about the date and, of course, on the Saturday of that weekend he contacted me to apologize that he had forgotten about our plans and that he and his wife had made arrangements to spend the day with family.  

I guess I'll know better next time – always remind everyone about upcoming game dates! frown


After the party checked out the abandoned Puffy Pelican wharf-side tavern, they decided to separate and come back together down the road about 11:00 PM – an hour before the rumoured meeting was to occur – and set up to watch for activity.

Arriving at the Tavern

When they arrived, all was dark and quiet. Tapuaki (who had not re-summoned Mate Ora) set up a message link with Darvo who then climbed up onto the thatched roof of the abandoned tavern by the chimney. Darvo  agreed to start checking in with a whisper around 10 minutes and, when the link stopped working, he’d poke his head up enough for Tapuaki to see him and thus set up a new message link. Tapuaki, Rehn and Zaz hide together behind some barrels and boxes across the road from the old tavern with a clear line of sight along the end of the building opposite from the chimney.

Just before midnight Darvo whispers to Tapuaki that he thought he heard a sound at the far end of the building, on the water side. As he’s saying this the other three suddenly see light leaking between the boards across the windows and out the one doorway at the back which was not boarded up. It’s fairly steady, so probably some kind of lantern.

As Tapuaki is far more stealthy than the other two, he spends a few moments starting a “message” link and then moves stealthily up the side of the building and the dock off the back to where he can see through the doorway into the room. At first all he sees is the edge of the bar, but eventually, he can see past it to what seems to be three hooded lanterns sitting in a group, about a foot apart from each other, right in the middle of the room. He relays this to the others. Rehn says “Check for magic.” “Already on it” Tapuaki whispers back and then tells everyone that there’s definitely magic in play here. “Ho ho!” says Zaz, “It’s a trap!”

A moment later, Tapuaki realizes there are TWO faint magical auras in the room and then determines that one is centred on the three hooded lanterns and the other is located somewhere behind the bar, towards the end furthest from the door he's looking through. Unfortunately, he can't actually see what's causing it as while detect magic can identify things beyond the small wooden bar, his eyes cannot. Additionally, not having ranks in Knowledge (Arcana) he is unable to narrow in on the magical schools of either aura.

Darvo decides he will carefully creep along the roof until he’s over where he thinks you’re saying the hidden magic source is located so he can try looking down onto the spot and see what's there. Knowing that he’s not especially stealthy, he first casts unseen servant and sends it to start knocking on the front door as a distraction from any noise he might inadvertently make. (And it was a good thing too – Tapuaki, aware of his plans, hears every misstep he makes!) While Tapuaki is wondering whether the distraction was big enough, he notices a slight “wobble” from the aura behind the bar (having kept detect magic running), as if whatever was responsible for it shifted position slightly. Tapuaki informs everyone of this new information as Darvo carefully pushes aside some of the thatch to see what’s below him – only to report that, as far as he can see, there's nothing there. Darvo then decides to drop a copper piece through the hole he's just opened – explaining to Tapuaki that, if there's something invisible there, it should bounce off it. The coin plummets down … and lands on the floor. But Tapuaki senses the aura “jump”, almost as if reacting to the dropped coin. He also realizes there are now THREE auras in the room, two now in the same spot behind the bar.

I'm Going In, Cover Me!

Zaz decides that it’s time to just go in and confront whatever it is. Not even bothering to try and be stealthy (not only had Darvo already had his unseen servant knock on the door, Zaz has a -13 stealth check if he’s carrying his shield) Zaz walks up to where Tapuaki has been lurking outside the back door, whispering “Come on. Follow me in and let me know if anything changes about the magic.”  Sighing, Tapuaki jumps up on the deck and, staying 10 feet behind, follows Zaz in.

Zaz walks in the door, down along the bar, turns the corner around the far end … when the room lights up with a colour spray. The spell just misses Tapuaki but hits Zaz full on, blinding, stunning and dropping him, unconscious, to the floor. Tapuaki immediately lets everyone else know what just happened, takes a 5’ step back and, now that his opponent is visible, tosses an acid splash … which, sadly, misses.

Behind the bar counter is a thin man with a weak chin and a ratty, most likely self-inflicted haircut, wearing clothes that were once fine noble’s clothing but are now dirty and ragged. He casts another colour spray which flashes over Tapuaki, but the halfling is able to shake off the magic, remaining unaffected. Darvo decides to jump, feet first, through the thatch aiming to knock the man over while using acrobatics to stay upright himself. He successfully lands on the fellow, knocking him to the ground face first and doing a fair bit of damage, but also fails his acrobatics check and not only ends up on his back, on top of his target, but also takes some damage himself.

Moving just enough to free his hands, the caster reaches up and sends two magic missiles right into Darvo's back. Rehn finally skids in the back door and up to the end of the bar, whispering to Tapuaki as he does that he wants everyone to move away from the target so he can throw an exploding bomb at him. Tapuaki passes this information along, takes another 5’ step back and starts casting summon monster I. Zaz moans a little, no longer unconscious, but still blinded and stunned. Darvo rolls off the magic user towards the closed end of the bar in front of Rehn and wedges himself as far under the counter as he can.

The magic user pushes himself up and then, seeing that Tapuaki is working to cast something, casts daze at him. Unfortunately, Tapuaki fails his save this time, losing the summon monster I spell he was in the middle of and is unable to do anything for a few seconds. Rehn winds up and throws his bomb but his aim is off, causing it to fall short and to Rehn’s right, landing on top of the bar, right in front of his target. Their opponent does take splash damage and, while Darvo is also within range, he was protected by the cover of the counter top and avoids taking damage. Darvo stays where he is and casts cure light wounds on himself to heal the damage he took from jumping down from the roof.

The party’s opponent pulls a potion bottle out from somewhere and drinks it down. Rehn throws another bomb and this one lands right in the guy’s face, dropping him like a stone. Tapuaki comes out of his daze to discover the fight is over. Darvo runs over to the downed opponent, checks to see if the man is still alive (he is, but dying), spends one round tying his arms behind his back, checks again that he’s still not dead, and then casts cure light wounds on him.

Rehn spends a few rounds roughing up the guy and relieving him of his possessions. Darvo begins interrogating their prisioner with help from Rehn. A short while later, Zaz has recovered from the effects of the color spray.

Plutivarch Dremis

Our adventurers have taken down what appears to be a slightly unhinged sorcerer. He is quick to admit that the rumours about the Nidalese Slavers were created by him as part of a strange ruse to try to “impress” the local chapter of the Aspis Consortium (an unscrupulous multinational trade organization which is distinguished from other trade groups by the size of their operations, and their willingness to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals.). His plan, as far as it went, was to lure in newbie Pathfinder recruits, capture them and then deliver them to the Aspis Consortium HQ (located a few blocks from the tavern). However, he apparently wasn’t asked to do this, instead, he had just decided it was a good idea because he’d heard they weren’t happy about the Pathfinders in the city.

Darvo suggests taking him back to the Arvensoar to let them know what this miscreant has been up to. Once they get there, it turns out his name is Plutivarch Dremis and he is very well known by the City Watch. In fact, there was a bounty on his head for 100 gp due to a wide variety of minor crimes (many of which had made the Watch look bad, so they were really pleased to get their hands on him). 

Zaz takes the opportunity of having a happy, friendly officer to talk to, and asked about Natalya Vancaskerkin. The following Information was obtained

  • The watch hasn’t picked her up and didn’t even know she was missing.
  • Not surprised her disappearance wasn't reported since the Sczarni prefer to solve their own problems.
  • She’s known to run with the Tower Girls.
  • Finding any Sczarni gang is tough, but the Tower Girls will be even tougher as they had a falling out with another gang (the Wreckwash Blades) and had to move their headquarters; none of the Watch’s informants have been able to provide an update on their new location.
  • Rumour says the Tower Girls were slumming it in an abandoned warehouse in Underbridge, sharing with “Fenster the Blight” – a disreputable local who smells as bad as he looks but isn’t especially dangerous – who might know where the gang went or possibly even where Natalya is.
  • Directions to Fenster’s warehouse was provided.

Session Summary

XP Earned: 1400 total (350 each)


  • Plutivarch Dremis, sorcerer, fought in abandoned tavern (the Puffy Pelican)

Treasure Gained

  • 100 gp bounty on Plutivarch Dremis (split equally between the adventurers)
  • Plutivarch's possessions (all currently in Rehn's possession)

    • 6 darts
    • 3 full potion bottles, all different in shape and contents (identified by Plutivarch as cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds and invisibility)
    • Belt pouch with 35 gp and 1 large translucent purple gem (probably amethyst but has not been appraised)
    • Nice, wickedly curved, dagger †
  • Other items

    • 2 empty potion flasks (two different shapes, one matching the full flask identified as cure light wounds and one matching invisibility)

† Based on comments made by Plutivarch during the interrogation, [[:tapuaki]] believes the dagger may be an Arcane Bond – he's heard that a few sorcerers have been known to have them. [[:darvo]] thought that was a very good reason to not give it back to him. If it is/was, it will be at least masterwork but no one has appraised it yet.

Spells Cast & Items Used/Expended

  • Darvo

    • unseen servant (lvl 1) – used as a distraction by knocking on door
    • 1 cp – dropped in an attempt to locate invisible opponent (reclaimed)
    • cure light wounds (lvl 1) - heal damage due to jump into room
    • cure light wounds (lvl 1) - save Plutivarch from death [DM mistake – I thought unseen servant was a cantrip]
  • Rehn

    • explosive bomb x 2
  • Tapuaki

    • message (cantrip) - used multiple times to create a "message hub" between party members
    • detect magic (cantrip) - used to scan the tavern interior
    • acid splash (cantrip) - used against opponent 
    • summon monster I (Sp) - casting lost due to hit from daze spell

Next Session – Saturday, August 12, 2017


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