Varisian Half-Orc Bard 1 (Sea Singer) from Dockside in Magnamar


Abandoned by his mother as a child of only five or six, he lived for several years as one of many urchins that flit around the under bridge and docks of Magnamar. When he was around 12 or 13 (he doesn’t actually know how old he is), he was taken in by an old salt of a fishing captain who had a good eye for seeing potential when others might dismiss a person out of hand. Darvo was young, and smart and quick to learn the ways of working on the fishing trawlers that ply the coast of Varisia.

A charming young man (despite his half-orc nature), Darvo took to the music of the sea and taught himself how to play the pan flute. He would often be found playing music on deck to lighten the crew’s mood even when nets had failed to bring in a good catch. Eventually, he realized that, with his music, he was able to touch and call upon magical powers. Showing his old friend and father figure, the fishing captain, what he could do, the old man told him he to leave off fishing and do something better – “You ken joyn dat dere Pat-finder So-sai-ety. For right sure, dey’ll help make sometin’ more o’ you.”