Mate Ora

Psychopomp Eidolon linked to the Shoanti Summoner Tapuaki


Mate Ora is the name given to Tapuaki‘s Eidolon. Its body is roughly the size of a pony or a Great Dane, with the hind legs of a great cat, and forelegs with talons like those of a great lizard or bird. Above the forelegs, it’s body continues upright, a narrow column curving backward like a snake to its head, the front-top portion of which is a bone-white flesh-less horse’s skull, below which¬†there is a long sharp, under-beak flanked by two long sharp mandibles. Its skin is a mixture of taught black flesh giving way to patches of shiny black scales and sprouting¬†a plumage of scraggly, sickly looking black and grey feathers, intermixed with empty and broken quills, running from the back of its head all the way down its neck and back.


Mate Ora

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