Shoanti Halfling Summoner 1 (Master Summoner)


Found by members of Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Shoanti when his family was killed by Goblins, Tapuaki was taken in and raised by the Chief Shaman and his wife (a respectable witch herself) who had not been able to conceive a child. Being a halfling, he was always smaller, slower, weaker than his human brethren and was relentlessly teased and bullied by the other kids, and even some adults, in the tribe. As it happened, he had the makings of a summoner and, unwittingly, attracted a Psychopomp Eilodon who would eventually become both his friend and defender against the cruelties he faced.

His adoptive parents worked with him to build up and control his powers, but when they were both killed in a goblin raid, the tribe ordered him to leave. Heading for Magnamar, he hopes to gain experience, wealth, and prestige with the long-term goal of returning to his tribe and earning a respected position within it. He’d heard tales of the Pathfinder Society and, thinking it would be a likely path towards his ambitions, he joined up once he reached the city.