Half-Orc Fighter 1 from Taldor


Not from Varisia, Zaz comes from Taldor, a country known for the impressive military successes of its “Armies of Exploration” in the past and the moribund decadence of its shortsighted “high society” in the current era. Born into poor circumstances, he joined the army (which, while smaller and underfunded, is still quite impressive) specifically to gain skills and training that would allow him to improve his lot in life as soon as his commission ended. Due to his size and strength, they put him in a unit trained to create phalanxes, protecting themselves and their allies with a wall of heavy tower shields.

When his commitment to the army was finally completed, he decided he wanted real adventure and travelled to Absolom “The City at the Center of the World”. While there he decided to join the Pathfinder Society and when he learned about the untapped potential for adventure and riches in Varisia, he took a ship to Magnamar and checked in at the Pathfinder Lodge the day he arrived, perhaps a week before the start of the campaign.